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First Things First

Okay, easy one this time (aren't they all?): cite a modern equivalent of the Jekyll and Hyde relationship. Remember, they aren't necessarily opposites. Explain why you think your equivalent is, well, equivalent.

Initial post due by April 27 at 11:59 PM

Replies to peers due by April 29 at 11:59 PM




Your next essay is your last original work for the semester. After this short essay, you only have to revise your research paper, and you're done! Whoo hoo.

The nice thing about AEES is that allows you to plan ahead in terms of structure. You know what your essay will look like, and now you just have to plug in the content.

Now about your research paper revision, be sure to take some time after you've finished the Jekyll and Hyde essay to look it over and think about what changes you're going to make. I'll be asking for a proposal, so we can "talk" about like we did for the first version of the paper. I want to be sure you understand my comments and are ready to give me the best possible paper because it is your final and counts for 20% of your grade.




None. It's an easy week.