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Definition of Evil

First Things First

Please go to the boards and ask any questions you have about the short essay for this week. Be sure to check Notes below for some more background on the paper before posting!

Also, make sure that you reply to two peers.

Initial post due by January 26 at 11:59 PM

Replies to peers due by January 28 at 11:59 PM




Okay, time for your essay on the definition of evil. Here are some tips.

Make good use of the articles. Use them to support your points, and make sure you respond to any quotes you add. Quotes are your evidence, so don't just drop them in to satisfy a requirement.

Answer the prompt in a strong, definitive thesis! So many students overlook this point. Make sure you have a strong thesis statement that says something to the effect of "The definition of evil is X because Y and Z." You're making an argument, so take a clear position and defend it. If the reader has to search your paper for your thesis, your point, your definition, then your argument will not be successful.

Do not claim there is no definition since that will lead to a vague and unfocused essay. Take a stand and defend it!

Remember that I'm also banning Hitler as an example as well as serial killers and cult leaders like Ted Bundy and Charles Manson. They're too easy. Find challenging examples.

Use AEES for you body paragraphs, and make sure you use quotes from the readings to support your points.

You're free to use outside sources, and it's a good idea to have specific examples to back up your argument.

This essay has a 500 word minimum. If you don't reach it, you will receive a 0 for the paper.





Short essay:

What you need to do is argue for a definition of "evil," making sure to cite examples and making use of at least one of the articles from your reading assignment.

  • 500 words minimum

Essay due via email* by January 30 at 11:59 PM

*Remember how to include your name in the subject line of the email and in the name of the file!

Some of you have asked for a rubric, so here it is in downloadable form.

PS. Have you been reading Frankenstein for next week? Don't you think you should be?